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Currently Available for Contracting

If you require an Experienced Generalist Artist and Game Designer I'm able to tackle a variety of roles. From Mobile, PC and Console and VR/AR.

3D Environments and Props

With 8+ years experience as a Lead Environment Artist on the Total War Team, I'm able to move quickly onto a team and produce game ready models and textures to the required styles and specifications.

UI Art and UX Design

Intelligent and fluid design principles coupled with pixel perfect implementation. Able to work a full pipeline in a quick and efficient manner. Quickly prototyping the user experience, reacting to feedback and comments before developing and implementing a coherent style and producing high quality assets.

2D Concept and Illustration

Able to concept or produce stylised illustrations for games. With a leaning towards a comic book or stylised realism. Ideal for mobile and Indie studios who want to avoid the photo realism route.

Games Design

From early concept to full development. Able to design or help shape a design into a detailed GDD. Balancing economies and game-play features into a fun and stable experiences.

Leadership Roles

As a former Lead Artist, I pride myself on my communication, personal and management skills, I'm available to join teams in a range of art leadership roles or a "Fire Fighting" role, able to motivate and reorganise small teams, create a stable environment and fully implement a working pipeline and team structure before handing over to a permanent candidate.