This section is for my Current work in Progress Project.

Currently working on a "Hardcore" Fallout Shelter Idea and exploring the restrictions of a 2d game world mixed with 3D depth.


I've spent a great deal of my professional life at The Creative Assembly working on the Total War series. My main remit was the Campaign map where I was the Lead Artist. I drove the art direction and pipeline for the campaign map as well as developing tools and managing a small team of developers. Over 5 projects we improved both the style and quality with each Iteration and with my final full project Rome 2 Total War, I designed and delivered a new pipeline and way to make campaign maps that streamlined the process and allowed a much greater amount of control that will remain the core system for several projects including Total War Warhammer.

3d Client work and personal projects

*This section will be updated periodically as client work can be shown or new personal work is added.

City of the Shroud - By Abyssal arts - Completed a Short Contract (20 days) to make a small prototype level for a new project and implement it in the Unity 5 engine. A demo version of the game will be available shortly on before a future kickstarter campaign is launched. In turn I created a "house kit" to allow fast construction of houses for variety which will be used to make a range of houses for additional levels.


A small selection of Stylised Isometric models made for a city building game prototype.