I'm Tom a game developer from Brighton. I'm the CEO of my own Indie studio Knifey Spoonie Games, as well as being a founding Director at the Brighton Game Collective a not for profit office space for freelancers and micro studios in Brighton. I'm currently working hard to bring my first Indie project Pro Puzzle Wrestling to Steam, as well as helping to grow and improve the Brighton development community.


I'm available for short or part time Art contracts (Working remotely or in Brighton or London) See Contact me page to get in touch with me.


Originally hailing from the cold darkness of Northumberland, it was fairly certain I'd end up making games when I chose to hand in drawings of giant robots stomping on cities and scrolling 2D levels drawn in MS Paint rather than the "standard" fruit bowl in watercolour for my A-level art coursework.


Following this auspicious start I studied a BA in Games Design at Teesside University and eventually found myself moving South in the hunt for warmer climates to practice my crafts professionally.  Finding my way to Horsham (of all places) and eventually sunny Brighton and making it my home.


Spending the next 8 years working at The Creative Assembly as a Lead Artist on the Total War series, I developed a strong range of skills that are geared around the creative aspects of game development (Art and Design), as well as good leadership and communication skills.


I started the next chapter recently by founding my own development studio Knifey Spoonie in January 2015. As well as becoming a founding member of the Brighton Game Collective, an office share for freelancer game devs and a social group to encourage the growth of the Industry in the Brighton area.