With over eight years working at Creative Assembly, 5+ of those as the Lead environment artist in charge of the campaign maps development. Tom is an experienced Generalist Artist with strong people and management skills. In November 2014 Tom left Creative Assembly to start his own studio - Knifey Spoonie Games - With the intention to create a strong Independent studio who both outsource as freelancers or as a studio for hire, whilst also developing in-house IP projects. He’s also a founding member of the Brighton Game Collective, a not for profit group of developers working to Improve the Brighton Games Industry.

Skills and Software


Tom Is a Classically trained Artist who learnt from his Father from a young age, before moving into digital art as he approached university. With a broad range of skills and solid foundation in multiple packages from 2d to 3d to sculpting. He is a strong all round generalist artist, able to deliver high quality assets in many styles.

Primary Skills and Software

  • 3DS max | Professional experience (8+ Years) - Full environment art pipeline.

  • Adobe Photoshop | Professional experience (8+ Years) - Texture painting, concept art, photo editing.

  • Zbrush | Professional experience (3+ years) - Sculpting and baking to create game ready assets.

  • Art direction | Ability to give clear concise feedback and advice to fellow artists. Including overall direction such as colour theory, scene balance, focal points etc.

  • Hansoft | Time Management and scheduling of a small team and their dependencies.

  • Team Management - Running a team, Interviews, training team members.

  • Tools development - Designing pipeline and Tools to improve productivity of teams.

  • Game design - Strong design skills.

  • Other plugins and packages - Knald | Ndo and Ddo | Crazy bump | World Machine 2


Secondary Skills and software

  • Adobe After Effects and Adobe Premiere - Video editing and special effect editing.

  • Adobe Illustrator - Creation of Vector art, Logos, icons etc.

  • Esoteric Software's Spine 2d - 2d animation and rigging.

  • Level design - good knowledge of level design, helped design some city layouts in Total war.

  • UI and UX - currently learning and developing UI and UX skills.

  • Unity and Unreal 4 - Passing knowledge, understanding of core features.

Industry Experience

Knifey Spoonie LTD, Hove | Founder - Creative Director - Freelance Artist| Nov 2014 - Present


Knifey Spoonie Is a small studio based in Brighton, Currently working on their first IP. Tom founded it with fellow Creative Assembly Veteran Julian McKinlay in Nov 2014. Working as a Development studio and studio for hire. Tom is the sole in-house Artist at present and as such calls upon a broad range of skills including -


  • In-charge of Art direction and Creative decision making.

  • In-game artwork, all 2d and 3d artwork and animation creation.

  • Marketing artwork, Branding, Press releases, Video Editing, Web development.

  • Game design, developing the core design for Pro Puzzle Wrestling.

  • Time management and scheduling. Planning milestones and accountability.


Creative Assembly, Horsham | Lead artist | Mar 2009 – Nov 2014

Total War: Rome 2 | Total War: Fall of the Samurai | Total War: Shogun 2 | Total War: Napoleon

Tom was promoted to Lead Artist immediately following Total War: Empire’s release. He spent the next 5+ years pushing and developing the campaign maps art and pipeline. Resulting with his final released Project Rome 2 total war where he was responsible for overhauling the Artstyle, technical structure and tools pipeline with limited resources and fixed release date.


  • Lead the development of the Campaign map from concept to final assets.

  • Worked to the each projects art styles. Working to the Art Directors requirements.

  • Managed a small team with limited resources to deliver significant improvements with each product.

  • Managed relationships with other departments and helped shape design, code and tools to produce a seamless and organised pipeline that will remain in use for the next 4+ total war products.

  • Delivered wide variety of high quality art assets for all aspects of the Campaign map.

  • Assisted with PR and promotional materials.


Creative Assembly, Horsham | Environment Artist | 2006 - Mar 2009

Total War: Empire

Total War: Empire was Tom's first professional project he Joined the team as pre-production finished, and was thrown straight into developing the campaign map. After the Lead environment artist was loaned to the console team, tom pushed the development in his absence and delivered a high quality asset that led to his promotion going forward.


BA Computer Game Design | Teesside University | Sep 2001 – May 2004 | Grade Attained – 2:1

Teesside university gave Tom a solid foundation in many elements of game development. With supporting modules more focused on becoming an Artist in the Industry including, Advanced 3d modelling, Texturing, Character animation and level Level design.